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FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 3:47pm EDT
how the media has tried to ignore this. because such enormous success at box office they haven't been able to ignore it for long. the box office receipts are pretty good. hollywood is absolutely, i think they have no idea what to make of this film but it's interesting when you have a political documentary saying something or michael moore, "nightline" did some stories and some of the other movies they called him an american populist in the grand tradition. when they were covering 2016 they denigrated it, they disregarded it and they mocked it. >> jon: they loved michael moore gets invited on the tonight show. >> wins academy awards. [ laughter ] >>> what he is tapping in to the media have let obama emerge to becoming president, for decades 6 his life are virtual unknowns. all his pot smoking group in high school none of them are being interviewed. any reporter or digger or documentary, they do take the trouble to do the work, automatically gets attention. the gang of 500 doesn't want to do it. >> we talked earlier about the power of tweets and how they can influence the narrative. her
Sep 5, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. >> these people haven't been around bears very much. >> see the evidence of the rookie bear watchers, next. >>> so what do you suppose this is? >> it's an entire replica of wall street. >> that's right. and we're going to tell you why it's burning down. on "right this minute." >>> burning man 2012 just wrapped up, the festival that goes on every year in the blackrock desert in nevada. one of the many things burning at this year's burning man was this. what does that look like to you? >> bank of america. >> not only bank of america, but it's an entire replica of wall street. got bank of unamerica. merrill lynched. the goldman sucks building. and chaos manhattan. and this thing really gets aburning. >> this thing is massive. >> they are saying this is the largest structure ever burned at the burning manifest value. there were more than 52,000 attending and as you can tell, people were really stoked about this. >> burn [ bleep ]! >> apparently this was the brain child of somebody named otto von danger, an oakland-based artist, he told "san francisco weekly" this was an attempt to inject some sanity o
Sep 20, 2012 5:30am EDT
as for the lawsuit, he says he hasn't seen it.22:56:34"i haven't been served yet"q: you haven't been seeved"a"he;s still out hustling, i mean looking for clieets."still, joilevet beleives the rocess is flawed. 22:43:57"it's broken, terribly broken"probllms with costly consequences.melinda roeder - &pfox 45 news at ten, pratt told us the inspector general's report on the controversial phone purchase will be released on monday. coming up... up...find out why there's bad news for rea hockey in sports. ((break 3)) been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what? close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that hoooounddd! tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom. p3 bruceecunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3 o'clock hour... p in our 6 song nats &pnats it's the video that's gotten more than á2- hundred-million hitsá... on youtube.but there's a problem. why "psy" ... the korean pop star says there's a sligh
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. that's not to say they haven't been supporting us but maybe they haven't been as vocal and willing to demonstrate that pride that they have in the team. >> the playoff tickets are expected to go fast. >> a beautiful day for star gazing. they all took part in the 15th annual ruth steak sizzling classic in baltimore county. the tournament raises much needed money for the local chapter of the leukemia and lem foam a society. abc2 news was the proud sponsor. >> not bad. >> we didn't see where it went. >> he's no tiger. mayben ni els -- maybe ernie els. >> it as a cool scenario, down to 40s before you know this. take a look at weather in dundalk on the east side, mighty key bridge in the backdrop as we look over the outer portion of the horizon. bel air beautiful skies over harford county. our few from charm city. deep creek lake. there is a frost advisory for maryland's most western county but none of that for us. detailed weather will continue to be a chillily scenario. then we'll stay dry as we go into the next 12 to probably 72 hours. temperature wise 60s and 70s with a northwesterl
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
today. tomorrow is similar to what we had today, almost what we had yesterday. there haven't been big changes because of the low-pressure system. just been sitting there and set us up with a cool pattern. we are not doing fires as the lead story which is unusual. tomorrow, the numbers are 5-10 degrees cooler. clayton low 80s. discovery bay, mid-80s. unusual weather but it is good from the sense of fire. when i come back, i got the five-day forecast and we will look for the warmest day on your bay area weekend. >>> surprise recommendation when it comes to teens and birth control. the two methods one group says teen girls should consider. >> what is that smell? the foul odor at the oakland estuary and what is being done to get rid of it. . >>> researchers made an unusual discovery. psychopaths have a poor sense of smell. scientists had 80 people sniff a number of items and found they were unable to distinguish the smells. they are linked to dysfunction in the same parm of the brain -- part of the brain. >>> a surprising recommendation for teens who are sexually active. they say the best
Sep 4, 2012 4:00am PDT
weekend. haven't been tracking any rainfall in the west. it's hard to find any this morning. temperatures continue to be very warm. it's hard to believe we're ever going to cool it off. eventually we will. we definitely notice the sun is setting a lot earlier in the day and rising later. sooner or later we'll cool things off. 104 in phoenix, 102 in vegas. seattle slightly cooler. portland was near 80 degrees yesterday. as far as what we're dealing with out there, this morning it looks like no issues on the roads. pretty dry conditions too. high temperatures we saw yesterday, 88 in salt lake city, 88 in boise. cooler tonight. one thing that has changed out there, monsoonal moisture has been coming up from the south. dew points have been increasing. we'll add a slight chance of showers and storms out there to areas like vegas, even southern california you'll have a little more moisture in the air. it won't be quite as comfortable as it was. it's a dry forecast. it hasn't rained in seattle since i think it was july 10th. it's been over a month and a half. it's ridiculous. that's86 degrees. v
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
finally relief. >> last few days, i haven't been able to sleep much. i haven't been able to eat much, but i am going to start eating again. >> reporter: gene hipon will be eating those meals while nursing some painful cuts and bruises to the legs, arms and face while trying to stop christopher maffei from taking her grandchildren. >> i'm so relieved. >> reporter: recueed from a vessel in the peninsula. >> i'm one of the happiest persons in the world, this is what i've been waiting for. >> reporter: she says she can't wait to see the young ones so she can spoil them like only a grandmother can. >> my grand kids are safe, and not harmed in any way that he didn't do anything to them. you know i'm grateful. >> reporter: and as you saw the mother reunited with her children. she drove down as soon as authorities told her the good news. live in south san francisco, phillipe segal, kron news. >>> tonight we're hearing from the mother of a missing teenager. this is the photo of kristina craig who went missing yesterday. her father says that kristina has the mentality of a child. she is not on
Sep 22, 2012 1:30am PDT
later and claim i didn't hear about it, well, you haven't been very active to begin with if you haven't been getting the right notice as part of the association. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> christian na* and then august. >> hello, commissioners, my name is christian na*, i'm the manager as the regional market street location, and i could understand some of the concerns if it was a big corporate restaurant going in, but you have to understand that it's a very small neighborhood restaurant, and the main point that i'd like to emphasize is -- and wood house, it's how much they care, it's very noticeable how involved they are and i think that it's not just a place that serves food, it's a restaurant with heart and i think it would be a great way to preserve a very special thing to san francisco which is the degaussing station. >> thank you. >> august, and then we'll have tegwin louis tien and jake hair. >> hello, commissioner, my name is august, i'm the new chef for the wood house fish companies and i wanted to state my hope that you would approve this lease for the wood house
Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of the eastern shore, but they haven't been bothering us. as a result. sunday evening looks good. sunny breaks for the next little while. sundown at 7:14 this evening. mid 70s for now. back to the middle and upper 60s by 11:00 and rain drop chances are arising. we'll talk about that on the seven-day, coming up are. >> a calmer day across the middle east and the rest of the muslim world after a week of deadly protests. but today contradictory claims about the attack on the u.s. consulate that killed ambassador chris stevens. libya's president says the attack was planned, but that's not what u.s. officials are saying. nbc's brian mooar has the latest. >> was the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya spontaneous, or did terrorists use protests over an antiislamic film as cover? >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding, they came with heavy weapons, which, unfortunately, are readily available in post revolutionary libya. >> reporter: libya's interim president said it was coordinated, but not by libyans. >> it was planned by foreigners, by people who -- who en
Sep 22, 2012 5:00am PDT
life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. >>> the big political news this week has centered around a controversial hidden videotape of mitt romney which raises the question is there an expectation of privacy for public figures like politicians? it is our focus this rning. so let's start with the romney tape and the reaction. here's brian todd. >> reporter: randi, a grandson of former president jimmy carter was instrumental in getting this videotape out of obscurity and into a media frenzy. carter's grandson didn't actually make the videotape. that done four months ago in a moment mitt romney likely wishes he has to have back. it starts with a videotape of mitt romney speaking last may at a fund-raiser attended by w
Sep 21, 2012 12:35am PDT
judge me but i know they haven't been where i've been ♪ ♪ i know the day's gonna come when i've gotta repent but until then ♪ ♪ i just keep runnin' and runnin' and runnin' i keep on runnin' but i don't know where ♪ ♪ i am goin' the is just mind-blowin' surrounded by circus clowns sick ♪ ♪ of the pie-throwin' ridiculous i ain't knowin' ♪ ♪ where to locate my saneness ooops i meant to say sanity ♪ ♪ danny is brainless ooops i meant to pray near this canopy bed ♪ ♪ too bad there's too many hookers layin' in it danny! is shameless ♪ ♪ you lames just shuck and jive like andy and amos ♪ ♪ co-signed by two giants y'all still don't know who d. swain is i'm sayin' ♪ ♪ evil i feel the sickness running under my skin ♪ ♪ father when i get up to heaven gonna let me in ♪ ♪ people who judge me but i know they haven't been where i've been ♪ ♪ i know the day's gonna come when i've gotta repent but until then ♪ ♪ i just keep runnin' and runnin' and runnin' ♪ was thought to be a pleasant guy my entire life ♪ ♪ but somethin' snapped in me nowadays
Sep 1, 2012 3:37pm PDT
-based programs. i've met with dcyf, the african- american steering committee, people haven't been in this violence and i say to them, what can -- people have been in this violence, and i say to them, what can we do to make sure if this individual does not go to prison? for that individual, we try to find a way to keep him out of the prison sentence. then you have the second individual, the individual who does crimes not for economic means, but for someone who has tried to increase the status in the community, for someone who does not care about anything but being notorious for gang violence. for that individual, we have to have certain types of remedies. for that individual, we have to have consequences. however, it does not mean that we have to enforce his prison sentence to the maximum of the law. we have a step program, which increases the amount of time you can go to a prison ford -- prison. for a home invasion, or a carjacking, or shooting into a car or house, you cannot 15 to life. for a regular felony, you can add five years. for that individual, we do not always seek to ad
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-sent. >> kimberly: mia love. >> greg: liberal white males haven't been this scared of a woman since their wedding night. >> kimberly: i am scared of your iing and scratching. >> bob: what is wrong with you? >> greg: mia love scares liberals as much as allen west. that means that has to be the greatest presidential ticket. allen west, mia love. somebody knocking on the door? no, it's bob's knees. >> kimberly: my goodness. andrea? >> bob: are you saying that seriously? >> greg: why not? why not? >> bob: let it go. election day is coming up soon. it's a great idea. >> andrea: if you don't know mia love, get to know her. she is not just a republican, young and dynamic. she is brilliant. you can't bully her intellectually. this is how they have to do it, the lowest, most hateful form of bullying, because they're not going to get her on brain power. the real deal. >> bob: who is they? one crazy person sends her racist material. i get thousands of those. >> kimberly: yours are well-deserved. let's see, the democratic -- >> andrea: black female. i'm sure we have jesse jackson and al sharpton protesting o
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 2:00am EDT
president. but they haven't been forthcoming and they should be when it comes to terror. remember after september 11, rudy giuliani set up every day and told the truth. this tells me one or two things this year. either the president didn't do this job and didn't read his intelligence briefings or his intelligence agencies weren't communicating with him. it has him ticked off. he should call for heads to roll. or president knew what was going on but instead of putting our national security interest first, he put his own political career first to protect himself. remember, successful terrorist attack on 9/11, that kind of hurts that "i killed bin laden, i'm a strong leader" message. >> kimberly: exactly. >> eric: since september 12 and we knew four americans were killed we do v done the story and led with the story every day since it happened. didn't pass the smell test. >> greg: you keep saying they were lying. it's a not lie. it's a manmade honesty malfunction. get that straight. if this is a coverup, it's the worst ever. makes the plumbers look like 007. bigger question here is when yo
Sep 26, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, but that's sort of a consist ebt criticism about the campaign that they haven't been able to develop a message about that. >> i got to hear you say it. that's good enough for me, peter. one thing that's interesting to me, from your reporting and i i know you spent a lot of time out in the field, that romney has a good ground game in ohio. knocking on 28 times as many doors as john mccain did. so why isn't he doing better? >> the bush re-elected 2004 is probably the better model there. romney has about half as many offices in ohio as the obama campaign, which has been embedded in the state yet accord tog "the washington post" poll, the the romney campaign is doing a good job keeping up. these volunteers and field staffers for the campaign don't really know what product they're selling because mitt romney hasn't really articulated. a compelling message as to why they should throw out barack obama because the economy in ohio is doing better than it is in other parts of the country. >> it is and the question is, who gets the credit ryan joins me now along with roland martin. roland, that
Sep 20, 2012 2:00am EDT
into super pac spending. are the agencies watching over them failing? seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. flo: every driver is different. we've got great news for them all. you can try snapshot from progressive before you switch your insurance. [ horn honks ] just plug snapshot into your car, and drive like you -- to see if your good driving could save you up to 30%. so try the way to save that's as unique as you are. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. >>> and now, our third story. is the super pac economy running amuck? the federal elections commission and irs are tasked with overseeing outside spending. as of today, totals $360 million so far this election. that's just what's been reported. if you've been watching john avalon's series all week
Sep 10, 2012 1:00am EDT
these problems. we haven't been in office. you can't blame us for the 100 trillion-dollar debt for every problem emanating out of washington, d.c.. we've had the solutions which will find in the book again and again, and we've pointed out the disastrous. what i said in this book is look at california. i said it years ago. california is greece. it will go bankrupt. country to stick a fork in it. why? obama is practicing the california model for the entire nation and that is what is happening to the country and that's why there are no jobs. because in the end, my father the letcher have a right. my father the blue-collar butcher said i would love to hate rich people but nobody poor has ever given me a job. if you demonize and target and hunt and punish rich people and to integrate them all day they are going to go on strike they are not going to create jobs or making money or pay your taxes they are going to leave the country and who left this week after i said it? denise rich and she's not an austrian citizen. who left the country a month ago? the ai that cofounder and facebook and other liberal
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
to injury, they haven't been collecting mandatory court fees and fines from convicted abusers in l.a. county collection rate averaged 57% and san diego, just 12%. >> what we've seen is some feel sorry for perpetrators and they aren't forcing them to pay fee autos and they say they'll improve wage, shelters looking back and shake their heads there is a lack of money is real. a survey conducted found shelter koz not fulfill a thousand requests for services and imagine that on a daily basis. >> there is more of a change at toys are us. >> and there is amazon, toys are us launching its own tablet computer aimed at children, it will be in stores late october and will be called tabio. >> and it features a seven inch screen, wi-fi, and 50 preloaded kid friendly apps. there is extra internet safety controls so parents can protect their children and there is a soft bumper to protect if it's dropped. it runs on google an droid operating system. known as ice cream sandwich. the average price for a gal yochb gas jumped eight cents over two weeks and that is putting the price at $3:84 in california lowes
Sep 12, 2012 4:30am PDT
't hit >>> we haven't been taking place little of the night. it's called a j.p. morgan corporate classic run. it's incredible it was if the run for san francisco. we up 10,000 people running to raise money for local charities. we start off a 60 tonight in a start and end at at&t part. we still have some clouds like it goes into the bay area right now. members into the 50s. several nfl is reporting a bit odd 64 degrees. 50s at the beaches fifties' basis of the '50s and lind. calls to gradually clear from the coast in the day. what house it in the area where the sun shines for to be. an air of high pressure will strengthen for the force a forecast. but talking about fifties and sixties that the beaches. 82 instead has sent it solely to degrees off the mark. nearly 93 of the tri valley. again in case you missed 87 degrees in morgan hill. but the one degrees and read what. 85 degrees a nap. that is similar to yesterday's conditions. the extended forecast that you have a policy covering up will be tomorrow. the son of unseasonably mild to warm conditions on friday. >>> if you're heading towar
Sep 9, 2012 11:30am EDT
and get them to help all of us through this as well and they haven't been able to do that. we're not just entirely on our own, i know there are a lot of ou
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. they are hanging around the windows and crawling out of pipes. residents say they haven't been able to sleep for days. the apartment manager called in an expert to deal with the problem. he is planning to trap the bats at night and let them loose far away. >> residents are making their feelings known. dozens staged a protest in downtown dc. tomorrow the public service commission is expected to vote on a rate hike increase. >> an attempt by madonna to rock the vote, she took a break from performing during her sold-out show to make a political pitch. she showed off an obama tattoo and asked everyone in the crowd to support the president. her comments were a little off the mark. >> all right? we have a rad muslim in the white house. >> the president is not a muslim. >> and the university of virginia has been ranked a top party school. they base it on three categories. sports, sex, and night life. uva ranked in the top 20 in each of the three. last month, forbes ranked uva the top public university in the country. >> has this ever happened to you? you get on a plane looking to get sleep only to
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
that needs to be done and haven't been done because everything has been focused about mitt romney going too early and they were asking if obama went too late. >> if you see something, e-mail us at >> what grade would you give the media this week? >> have the media hit a new low in the coverage of the attacks on u.s. embassies? rush to judgment, reporting wrong facts, sensational reporting is this a new pattern for bad journalism? the answer is next on news watch. >> tom: source of all the fury a film made in the u.s. that protestors say insults islam. >>> halfway around the world in cairo an explosion. muslim protestors stormed the embassy angry over a film they consider insulting they consider to the prophet muhammad. >> jon: broadcast from september 11th. cbs missed the attack on the embassy and led with president obama's first interview since the national convention. what about that? cbs, attacks on our embassy and cbs zuntd put it on at all? >> i think the "new york times" has more than excuse than cbs does because the "new york times" played attacks not even on the front p
Sep 23, 2012 7:00pm PDT
worked. the jobs plan, the jobs bill, you haven't been able to get it through congress. i mean, isn't that some of your responsibility? >> i take full responsibility for everything that we do, steve. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. the two presidential candidates tonight on this special edition of "60 minutes." ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. that if you pick three people, odds are they'll approach everything in their own unique way -- including investing. so we help clients identify and prioritize their life goals. taking that input and directly matching assets and risk preferences against them. the result? a fully customized plan. we call it goals driven investing. you have unique goals. how about a portfolio specifically designe
Sep 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
on zyrtec® products. join zyrtec® rewards. the wheels of progress haven't been very active lately. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. >>> nine minutes past the hour. glad you're with us. get ready to be hearing a whole lot about northcarolina. not only is that state the place democrats plan to shine next week at their national convention, it is also the newest state to be considered either man's to lose. take a look at the current map. just this week north carolina flipped to a toss up. other states show the race is a nailbiter. the flip comes after this cnn rnc poll showed 40% supporting romney and 47% backing the president. in 2008 obama just barely got a winter, carrying it by 0.4. can he do it this year? even top aides say it won't be easy. joining us to talk about the battle heaahead, walton rob
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. that doesn't mean people haven't been waiting. people have been camping out since sunday night. it goes on sale friday. one of the biggest development projects in the areas coming to arlington. the arlington county board approved the building of the new 24 story office building. 1900 crystal drive will feature more than 700,000 square feet and will be second only to the pentagon in floor space. >> i hope you weren't checking out the sights this afternoon. >> the buildings might be swaying a tiny bit. >> the biggest when the dust be sought was that reagan national. we stood at the window and watched the waves roll in. let's get you started with a look at the super doppler radar. the heavy rain in red. yellow is moderate to heavy rain. everyone else has light rain and that will be the pattern as we move out. a pretty long line, but everyone is well east of the metro area. this area, looks like that will track over the eastern shore tonight. most of the viewing area, a couple more hours of rain and we are waiting for this cold front to come through later tonight. a couple more
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
of russia's growing economy haven't been fully distributed to people here. the highways around the city have been given a huge overhaul, but little has been done yet to develop downtown areas. seen from moscow, the far east is an extremely remote region. residents usually move away from this area if they find jobs in moscow. russians have long said this region needs a base where people and information are all available. russian leader are determined to develop vladivostok. their goal is to make it the gateway to the asia-pacific region. >> so president putin has shifted the focus to asia-pacific region, and is trying to secure the footing in this region. what's his ultimate goal? >> he's trying to raise the standard of living for people in the far east. the region accounts for about one-third russia's base territory but its industries crude oil as the nation's economy took a tumble. in fact, its population decreased by more than 1 million to about 6.4 millions. in contrast, neighboring northeast china has 100 million people. the relationship with this powerful neighbor could determine russia
Sep 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
." but they really haven't been to the intensive care units of the city hospitals, of people who are still dying of the disease. they haven't been in the doctor's offices of the people who are suffering from resistant strains who are now starting to see the end. and they certainly haven't been to the developing countries where the virus is running rampant. in africa, aids is already having an enormous impact. as i said earlier, it's already surpassed malaria as the number one killer. in addition to that it's killing young people, often young people in terms of education. and so in that respect, it's been very costly. it's also costlsocially in terms of leing-- leaving a large number of children without both parents. and all indications are that its impact is going to get worse, maybe a lot worse. it's likely also that it's going to get much worse that it already is in some parts of asia. other sexually transmitted diseases may have taken a backseat to headlines about hiv, but they still take their toll. david bennett: we estimate, you know, 250 million, 300 million cases of sexually transmitted
Sep 1, 2012 12:07am PDT
to school and straight home. guess i haven't been anywhere. everything changes one day. soon i can say i've been somewhere the soon i can go somewhere by air the somewhere you wouldn't dare. going to school will get me somewhere. then you will look back at me with a fake grin because i just told you where i'm going and where i've been. >> because this is a writing community for writers who have been with writers corps for a while and the program is no longer available, i am going to truce them all at once and then they're going to just do their poems. so first i'd like to bring up sandra. sandra? >> hi, how are you, everybody. i home you're enjoying the show and that -- i'm nervous. so -- i think i will cry. i'm just acting. don't worry. and two years ago i came here at the same place and i was reading poetry, but the difference from then to now is that i couldn't speak english. so i read my poem in spanish and i think i missed a lot of the audience because not everybody can understand or speak stash -- spanish. in restless night that i was thinking how good my professor has been to me.
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